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Chicken breast with Glarner-Grüessli stuffing

Ingredients for 4 people


Here’s how

  1. Cut chicken breasts lengthwise, unfold and carefully pat out flat in a plastic bag. Top with raw ham.
  2. Mix herbs, ricotta, Glarner Grüessli and parnier flour and season to taste. Spread the mixture over the chicken breasts and roll up. Wrap each roll tightly with a piece of aluminum foil and tie ends with kitchen string.
  3. Prick all around with a fork and cook for 15 min. poach in steam. Before carving 5 min. let rest.

Tip 1
Serve with a lentil salad.

Tip 2
If you prefer fried meat, you can fry the rolls in the frying butter until golden brown all over after poaching. After sautéing, also allow to stand briefly.