The latest
from the Glarnerland

21. December 2021 Since the contract was awarded for Switzerland's largest sports and folk festival on this year's Fridolin's Day, the preparatory work has been in full swing. Read more
28. October 2021 This summer we launched a contest and asked the participants for their opinion on the taste of Schabziger in a charmingly provocative way. Read more
26. October 2021 Visit us and experience the Glarner Schabziger up close and watch our employees produce Switzerland's oldest brand product. Read more
20. October 2021 The cold Spanish cult soup for hot summer days is also available in a delicious Glarus version. And the best part is that the preparation is very simple! Read more
10. September 2021 Mer are debi! With all our products made from fine Glarus milk to taste and buy. Read more
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17. September 2020 It is of great importance that succession can be arranged for a company at an early stage. Read more
27. February 2020 The new Pink-Stöckli at the Lucerne Carnival. Hot Pink Cheese from Geska AG Glarus. Trendy and tasteful, belongs in every kitchen. Read more
3. October 2019 This year you will again have the chance to be part of the leading food trade fair in Cologne. Read more
25. July 2019 History - Schabziger stories - Schabziger today - Recipes 36 recipes and lots of background knowledge about Switzerland's oldest branded product Read more
3. December 2018 Schabziger Recipes - Creative, inspiring and without hocus pocus, this is the cuisine of CuliNatalie. Read more
1. October 2018 The Zigerstöckli is not only the oldest branded product in Switzerland, it gave the entire Glarus region its nickname. Read more
24. April 2018 The oldest brand product celebrates its 555th anniversary on April 24, 2018. Read more
14. September 2017 We have received many beautiful drawings. The winners are determined and we congratulate on an exciting weekend fairy tale hotel Bellevue. Read more
9. May 2017 "Würz Mi" Ziger powder: tried and tested in new packaging - in the practical sprinkle can. Read more
11. April 2017 The Zigermannä from the Zigerschlitz happily distributed over 3000 original Schabziger Stöckli to the audience. Read more
16. February 2017 Popular with young and old. The Glarner Grüessli, is suitable for dipping and spreading. Read more
23. January 2017 Schabziger is a lifestyle product. "Our oldest brand product" in view. Read more
16. January 2017 Delicious food for the lunch break. Quickly prepared with the Glarner Grüessli. Read more
11. January 2017 With our two lean cheese variants "Glarner Schabziger" and "Weiss Stöckli with truffle", you do not have to do without cheese. Read more
8. December 2016 Wrestler king Matthias Glarner becomes an ambassador for Glarner Schabziger. Read more
7. October 2016 As the producer of Switzerland's oldest branded product, GESKA has always been committed to sustainability. Read more
8. July 2016 Would you like to visit our company and then enjoy the view of the Glarus mountains over lunch? Read more
1. July 2016 Are you having difficulty refilling your Schabziger mill? See how this is done most easily in this video. Read more