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21. December 2021

Media release of the OC ESAF 2025 Glarnerland +

Glarner Schabziger is munipartner of the “Eidgenössisches” 2025 Glarnerland +

Since the contract was awarded for Switzerland’s largest sports and folk festival on this year’s Fridolin’s Day, the preparatory work has been in full swing. With Glarner Schabziger as Munipartner, the OC of the ESAF 2025 Glarnerland+ can announce a further supporting and regionally anchored partner.

Glarner Schabziger is the first and oldest branded product in Switzerland. Since 1463 it bears a stamp of origin according to the regulations of the Glarus government. And that’s not all: since 1570, the canton of Glarus has had a worldwide monopoly on the production and marketing of this spicy, greenish and conically shaped original product, and since 2001 it has even been produced solely in the main town of Glarus.

With the conclusion of the Munipartnership for the ESAF 2025 Glarnerland+, a further step in the history of the Glarner Schabzer has been taken, which makes one proud. Reto Hiestand, Managing Director of Glarner Schabziger, sees clear parallels between his company, the event and the sport: “Glarner Schabziger and wrestling have a centuries-old history, represent a piece of original Swiss tradition and have successfully found their way into the modern age. We fit together well, the Ziger and the ESAF in Glarnerland+.”

The joy of the OC is also great. Hansruedi Hauser, President of the supporting association: “We are very proud and grateful that with Glarner Schabziger another strong, regionally anchored partner is on board and actively supports our ESAF 2025 Glarnerland+ with its values.”

The winning mule will be an original Braunvieh and will wear horns. The holders are also already determined. These are the experienced bull farmers Bert and Peter Horner from Ennenda. Peter Horner is a Swiss wrestler (ESAF 2016 Estavayer), who retired from active wrestling in 2017.

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