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3. October 2019

Anuga 2019 – Cologne Trade Fair

We are at the ANUGA in Cologne

05 – 09 October 2019

Hall 10.1 / Booth B029a

This year you will again have the chance to be part of the leading food trade fair in Cologne. Anuga invites exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world.
Among other things, we present our new savory product, the…

“Hot Pink Cheese” Stöckli

The new exciting taste surprise from the Glarus region

The Hot Pink Cheese Stöckli, the new exciting taste surprises enchants the most diverse meals to a special pleasure experience. The pink-colored seasoned cheese, in the unmistakable cone shape, captivates not only by its color, but also with the special flavor note, which is backed with discreet sharpness.

A visually and tastefully interesting lean cheese from the Glarus region, is suitable for seasoning almost all dishes and meals. It complements the Glarus Schabziger Stöckli, which has already been established for centuries, and the Weiss Stöckli with truffle. This trio is a commitment to genuine Swiss products made from valuable cow’s milk from the Glarus region.

The Hot Pink Cheese Stöckli corresponds to the modern and healthy diet, it is like the other two products, lactose free, low fat and high protein. A genuine new Swiss product that will hopefully soon be found on the shelves of retailers and wholesalers. Consumers who value varied cuisine and prefer genuine Swiss products will find this novelty to their liking.

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